Item Description

This is a drippy version of Griz's classic smiley yin yang. This piece is made from one single 1/4 inch sheet of cork featuring 21 individual drips. The ultraviolet reaction is beautiful but the way this one glows is one of my favorites.

The sides are painted with ultraviolet reactive blue paint that shines so bright it looks like there is a blue light under the smiley yin yang. 

This unique functional piece of art can be used to display pins, pictures, or anything you like.

17 x 23 in. Cork Board

How did I create this piece?

This unique 1/1 piece of art is made using a combination of mediums and techniques. This single sheet of cork is cut by hand with an X-ACTO blade, and the sides of the pieces are hand painted. Spray paint is used for the cork board, and acrylic pour painting for the design. The stars are made with glow in the dark paint.  After the design has been glued onto the cork board each piece is signed with a hand carved stamp.