Item Description

This is the cool version of my first collaborative cork board project with the artist known as Searching One titled 'Cool WUBZ'

Turning a spray paint design into a cork board was intriguing to me so I collaborated with my friend and talented graffiti artist Searching One. The design was drawn by “Searching One’ and hand cut by me. The lettering is made by stacking pieces hand cut from two different 1/4" cork sheets. This creates an intense unique 3D experience standing 1/2" high off the cork board. The base layer "WUBZ" is made with cool colors and the second layer for the highlights is made with warm colors. The design is made using only ultraviolet reactive paints resulting in a stunning UV reaction.

This unique functional piece of art can be used to display pins, pictures, or anything you like.

How did I create this piece?

This unique 1/1 piece of art is made using a combination of mediums and techniques. Each piece is cut by hand with an X-ACTO blade, and the sides of the pieces are hand painted. Spray paint is used for the cork board, and acrylic pour painting for the design. After the design has been glued onto the cork board each piece is signed with a hand carved stamp.